Writing a CV that will land you a dream job (quicker!)

Looking for a new job can be daunting process, not only are you deciding to part ways with your existing company, but with that also comes the need for you to become a professional juggler; who can manage to turn up to work and give 100%, write a perfect CV, attend face-to-face interviews, and possibly (fingers crossed!) have a personal life too! Therefore, the quicker we can get this process over and done with, the better.

A strong CV will really put you in good stead to manage to secure an interview and the best advice that I can give you for when writing your CV, is to be clear, concise and transparent:

  • Provide your full educational background and achievements, including years in education, and grades achieved.
  • Be honest about any gaps within your CV- the likelihood is, eventually someone will question you on it!
  • Be clear and to the point, for instance summarising your achievements in a bullet pointed paragraph (tailored to the job you are applying for!) allows the hiring manager to review your skills match quickly, as after all, they are busy people.
  • Always contextualise! So for instance if you are a Project Manager, it is important to provide details of the project according to scale, scope, team sizes and responsibility for delivery; i.e. – “I managed a team of 3 BA’s & 2 developers to complete a claims software upgrade from an old legacy system onto a bespoke platform within a tight deadline of 3 months; the project was delivered on time and also within the budget of £1m”
  • Demonstrate your soft skills on paper; companies do not want to hire a robot. (although sometimes in recruitment it would be easier if they did!),  they want people with charisma, someone that will win people over. For example, if you have worked in a political environment, where you have had to win over stakeholders, and managed to do this and successfully deliver the project on time – make sure you include this.

In today’s market, it is important that we sell ourselves in the best possible way, and doing so on paper is not always easy; however taking the time to perfect your CV will make all the difference.


Shiva Prashar

Consultant - Insurance Team

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