Industry Insights with Charlie Holt-Staplehurst

Charlie joined Highams in January 2016 to focus on the Lloyd’s and London Insurance Market. Charlie has enjoyed over 10 years in the recruitment industry, seeing consistent success in all of her niches in both consultancy and in-house roles. Having worked for both the client direct and as a consultant, Charlie knows first-hand the day-to-day struggles hiring managers face, which makes her your perfect recruitment partner.

1. Could you give us a quick overview on your background and how you got into Recruitment?

I started working in recruitment 11 years ago. As corny as it sounds, I left my PA role because I wanted to increase my job satisfaction and make good money! I knew I could sell from a previous sales role I have had, so recruitment was the obvious choice. 

2.What do you enjoy most about specialising in the London Insurance Market?

I love how small the market is. As odd as it sounds, working in such a small market is great for networking and making a name for yourself. I love speaking with a new client and being able to tell them who I’ve placed in the market, what transformation programmes I’ve worked on, and for them to know who and what I’m talking about, personally. 

3.What is your favourite thing about being a Consultant at Highams?

The environment. Highams is an extremely inclusive place to work, and we are genuinely cared for. Over the last 4 years I’ve been given so much support, both within a professional and personal capacity, and I know I wouldn’t have been as fortunate in any of my previous roles. 

4.What’s the most exciting thing about hiring candidates for jobs within the London Insurance Market?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily specific to the market, but I honestly find placing people in a new job exhilarating. Being able to call a candidate and tell them they have a job offer for the job of their dreams is truly wonderful.

5.What would you say a typical day looks like within your job role?

Every day is different, but generally I get in, clear my emails and then split my day between candidate sourcing/generation, new business development and account management. I’m what is called a 360 recruiter, so I manage all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle, from ascertaining a new business lead, to sourcing my candidate’s and placing them in their new role.

6.What would you say are the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in your role?

Infiltrating such a tightknit market – there are several competitor consultants who have been working this niche for many years and have numerous long-standing relationships. Recruitment is based on positive client interactions, so to break into some of these companies has been a challenge, but extremely satisfying!

7.What advice have you been given throughout the company that has helped you achieve your personal goals?

Networking! Constantly talking to new candidates and clients and also those Highams have worked with previously. Getting to know them and building long term relationships is vital to have a successful career in recruitment.

8.What are the key skills that you think you need to be a successful consultant?

Listen. Whether it’s to what the client wants or what the candidate has previously done. And motivation and determination. You must be driven to want to succeed in recruitment, because it can be a very hard job at times.

9.What would be your words of wisdom for someone who is looking to get into the Recruitment Industry?

Make sure you pick a specialism that interests you, because you will literally live, eat and breathe it when you first start out! Pick a reputable consultancy who have a good name in the market, as this will really help you when you’re trying to generate new business. 
And lastly, think of the recruitment process as a machine - don’t worry about what happens in or comes out of the machine, just worry about what you put into it. The more effort you put in, the more reward you will get out.

10.What types of transformation programmes are your clients currently undertaking?

Modernisation. The Lloyd’s market historically has always been old fashioned and behind the curve of technology, and at present, there are a number or industry wide modernisation programme’s happening to bring it to date with the General Insurance market, such as the PPL TOM programme.

11.What are some of the challenges your clients are facing?

High demand of niche skillsets, diversity in the workplace and product development to modernise legacy technology.

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